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Find your balance

Feeling overwhelmed & anxious? Constantly firefighting but not getting anywhere? 

I can help you break free from unhelpful patterns, increase your confidence and take control again, leaving you with a sense of renewal and new equilibrium.

In today’s world, stress is inevitable and part of our everyday lives. Some stress can affect us in a positive way; however, excessive or long-term stress can negatively impact our health and well-being.

Feelings such as stuck-ness, overwhelm, anxiety, insecurity, anger & frustration... can take residence in our mind and body, resulting in physical ailments and mental ill-health but also lack of motivation, decreased productivity, procrastination (putting things off), and much more. 

I can't control anyone else, 

"Finding my sessions with Nadine extremely helpful, turning my self-criticism and negative thoughts into positive ones and self-kindness. I am a complicated work in progress but Nadine is very professional and understanding, very talented, literally supporting me every step of the way, can highly recommend her."

Happy Friends
High Five

A less stressed and more balanced you

It’s a partnership.

Safe Space


I provide people with a safe and nurturing space for observations, feedback and to identify their goals.



Together we will explore thought processes and identify stressors and how these can impact feelings and behaviours.

Personalised Tool-Kit


We will develop a personalised toolkit based on the desired outcomes, helping you gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to maintain long-term health and wellbeing.

Support & Accountability


I’ll be your ally on this journey, giving you direction and accountability and supporting you every step of the way.



Feeling stuck in survival mode? In a constant state of fight or flight? Insecure and lacking self-confidence? Trapped in a cycle of busyness but not achieving anything? Let me help you!

My Life Motto:

“Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it”

- Lou Holtz - 

A Holistic Approach

I take a holistic approach in my coaching practice, drawing from various disciplines. Evidence-based coaching, exercise, and relaxation techniques are proven to help us gain new insights, strengthen our minds and body and develop sustainable strategies to achieve mental and physical health and wellbeing.

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