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Corporate Balance

A Stressed Workforce

High stress levels can negatively impact an individual’s performance; it’s often not the work or the workload but other factors leading to increased stress levels, such as office politics and dysfunctional teams. Working in such environments can create uncertainty and negatively impact employee morale. 

How to Find Balance

Fostering transparency and open communication helps to support employee wellbeing. Employees who feel listened to, supported and valued are more likely to feel satisfied with their jobs. Creating a positive workplace environment is a continuous process that everybody must commit to to achieve the desired results. It requires information, education, structure and skills, to name a few.

A Balanced Workforce

Prioritising employee wellbeing and fostering a respectful, positive work environment with healthy relationships can unlock the full potential of individuals, teams and, ultimately, the whole organisation. Resulting in improved resilience, lower stress and burnout rates, increased job satisfaction, better collaboration and communication, improved work performance, lower absenteeism and lower staff turnover rates - areas every HR department is looking to improve on.

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How I Can Help

I know the corporate world, having had a successful career as a multilingual marketing professional working in Germany, Belgium and the UK. I worked in international and cross-cultural environments, creating and delivering communication plans in multiple languages.

I experienced burnout myself and know the warning signs/precursors. Through my experience and education in various health and wellbeing disciplines, I have the necessary knowledge and developed strategies to manage and prevent stress and burnout.

I naturally connect with people and enjoy working in a team, building strong relationships and helping people achieve their full potential through ‘people-centred’ management, coaching and mentoring. My passion has always been ‘people’, and I am forever intrigued by what makes them tick.

I can help your employees develop coping mechanisms and stress-reducing strategies, increase their confidence, teach them how to set healthy boundaries and improve their communication skills. A respectful, positive work environment encourages open communication and collaboration, leading to more effective teamwork and problem-solving. When employees feel comfortable
expressing their ideas and opinions, they are more likely to work together to find creative solutions to challenges and improve overall wellbeing and work performance.

Interested to learn more?

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The Benefits

"I recently had the privilege of experiencing corporate coaching with Nadine; it has been a transformative journey that exceeded my expectations. The impact it had on both my personal growth and the success of our organisation has been remarkable."

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