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Yoga Nidra Meditation @Serenity Space

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Course Description

iRest Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation technique that leads you into a state of profound relaxation, where you can explore the layers of your being. It offers a systematic approach to releasing physical tension, emotional blockages, and mental stress. This practice is accessible to all, regardless of age or physical ability, making it an ideal choice for beginners and experienced yogis alike. As you lie comfortably, I will guide you through a journey of sensations, emotions, and thoughts. iRest empowers you to welcome all aspects of yourself with kindness and curiosity, fostering a sense of peace and acceptance. Whether you're seeking stress relief, better sleep, or a path to self-awareness, iRest Yoga Nidra provides a sanctuary within yourself and helps you to investigate all that you take yourself to be - body, senses, and mind.

  • 1 h
  • From 10 British pounds
  • Serenity Space Earlsdon

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