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Organic Health & Beauty NYRO Independent Consultant

In addition to eating well, getting enough sleep and regular exercise, health and wellbeing for me also includes looking after my body from top to toe. I have always been convinced that nourishing and nurturing our body is as important as tending to our minds and that our bodies benefit from natural skincare and health products.


I discovered Neal's Yard Remedies during a visit to London's Covent Garden more than 10 years ago and immeditaly fell in love with their certified organic products, their vision and values. Award-winning, ethical & sustainable. All this resonates deeply with me.

I am therefore incredibly humbled and excited to be able to share their amazing products and vision as a NYRO Independent Consultant. I have my firm favourites that I would never be without, one of which is the Award-winning Wild Rose Beauty Balm. Never heard of it? Let me know and I'll send you a sample...but be prepared to fall in love!

If you want to find out more, sample or order products, contact me or visit my personal Neal's Yard Remedies website here

"NYRO - Changing the world one blue bottle at a time"

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