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Sustainable Lifestyle Products 

The story behind our products


It's summer 2020, tight restrictions are in place and the country is in complete lockdown due to the COVID-pandemic.  Life has somehow slowed down and one day I decided to do a wardrobe declutter. I came across piles of fabric remnants and cut-offs from past upholstery projects. Beautiful bits and pieces of fabric that just wouldn't be enough for other projects anymore.


I love the craft of traditional upholstery. I grew up, watching my father restore antique furniture and upholster chairs and sofas. The process of taking something old and tired and transforming it into something beautiful and usable again is such a rewarding process. I wondered what I could do with the fabrics remnants, and when I looked around the room, my eyes fell on my meditation cushion. It could certainly do with a new cover and why not upcycle/repurpose upholstery fabric that would potentially go to waste? The idea was born! And because I can't be without my eye pillow during my meditation practice, I decided to also make sustainable eye pillows...with an extra twist.


However, I needed some help to bring my vision to life and so my incredibly talented friend Sarah joined my mission. Together, we now design and make beautiful, unique, and functional lifestyle products from organic, sustainable, recycled or upcycled materials. 

Little did we know, that we were in for such an exciting journey.  We hope you'll love our products as much as we love making them.

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